How to Learn a Language in 3 Months


Learning a new language is always a tough thing to do, in fact to be fluent and flawless in that particular language as native speakers do is even harder, it is even harder if you want to learn in three months. But if you want to express yourself and be understood and also to understand most situations, it is possible in three months when you take the right approach:


Language learning is a serious project to undertake and if you want to be successful you need to collect helpful resources that will assist you along the way. Language learning programs and books can be a bit pricey but if you are on a budget, there are a lot of cheap or even free resources available. Spare a few bucks and get a good comprehensive phrase book and carry it everywhere and refer to it at every opportunity. Likewise there are loads of free sources to learn Russian online and any other language.

Practice listening, reading, speaking and writing the targeted language by use of the free available guides and references online. BBC languages is a site that offers free guides and fact sheets galore whilst the Internet Polygot offers free access to its language lessons which you can use to enhance learning your desired language. Search the internet and you will find podcasts in your targeted language, load up your iPhone and listen everywhere you go. You can also collect movies or soaps in your targeted language, watch with subtitles and then without and learn the repeated phrases, the sad ones and also the hilarious ones.


Setting goals in learning a language depends on your interpretation of success, for example do you want to read a German novel in three months, have a successful conversation in politics in Italian or simply learn Hindi? If your goal is simply to learn Russian, then you may be disappointed because in any language, there is always more to learn. Make a specific goal and stick it somewhere you will see it every day.

Increase the amount of time you spend studying or listening to the language you are learning every day, after all you only have 90 days. If you listen to a podcast for thirty minutes on one day, make it thirty five the next day, if you read a 450 article one day, make it 550 the next day and so forth.


If there is a secret or hack to learning a language in the shortest time possible it is conversation. Hours and hours of strenuous and awkward conversations with people who are better than you in that language will be rewarding. An hour of conversations with corrections by use of dictionary for reference or even your phrase book is worth five hours in a class room and ten hours of language course by yourself. The reason is because language is something that is processed and not memorized and spending time staring at words in a book may not stick the same way as being forced to use it in a conversation does. If you are trying to learn Polish online, then make sure you are putting it into practice in the day time as well!


Choosing a UK Tour Operator: What to Look For


There are lots of tour operators in the UK out there, so it’s important when you are choosing which one to use on your holidays then you pick the right one. That way you can be confident that you will have the holiday of a lifetime and won’t have to worry in the run up to your holidays if it is going to end up ok.

We’ve put together 3 tips for choosing a tour operator in the UK so that you can be confident that you are getting the best deal and will end up with the right choice and not a disappointment:

Do Your Research

Spend plenty of time researching different tour operators and finding out if they are the right fit for you. It can be tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff, and only by trawling through all the content that is out there will you find out which is best for you. It takes time but is worth it to find the best tour operator.

Read Reviews

The internet is an amazing place and it means there is nowhere to hide. There are usually reviews of nearly every company out there so if you find a company you think you like then search for reviews of them and see how they stack up.

For more tips on UK tour operators check out

Take Recommendations

There’s no better way to vet a company than to take recommendations. If your family or friends have been to the UK then ask them who they travelled with, what they did and which companies they would recommend. If someone has had a personal experience with a company then you can usually rely on that company coming through.

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Holidays to Malta: 5 Places to Visit


Malta is an amazing holiday destination with so much to offer the visitor. Holidays to Malta can be packed with beach time, city exploration, historic intrigue and frantic activity. From the stunning capital of Valletta to the calm tranquility of Comino, a holiday in Malta will leave you content and wanting more.


The capital of the archipelago, Valletta is packed with historic significant and is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you have historical interests there is plenty to keep you interested, if you prefer just wandering beautiful streets and wondering what is around the next corner then it will be equally as enchanting.


Home to much of the diving on the archipelago, Gozo is Malta’s second island and is a beautiful place to come and stay in a traditional farmhouse, in a slightly more tranquil area than on the main island.

See for more details.


Malta’s ‘Silent City’, Mdina is perhaps the most popular destination for tourists and brings them flocking each year. A beautiful old town where you could wander forever.

Azure Window

The Azure Window is the jewel in Malta’s crown. An amazing section of coastline which has seen erosion form a circular shape which the waves crash against and the blue sparkles beneath.


A popular beach spot and incredibly popular for tourists who come to stay, with a large amount of holiday accommodation available.

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3 Great Holiday Locations Where You Could Get Stuck for Good


The world is full of fantastic places to take a holiday, but often after one or two weeks away we are ready to get back home and relax in the familiarity of our own environment. However, every so often we come across places where we think it might be nice to stay a little longer, maybe even permanently.

Below are 3 places which we think are great holiday destinations, but which which might also grab your attention for a little longer and leave you wishing for a longer stay…


Seville is a beautiful city. It has stunning architecture, great weather and an incredible food culture which can leave you bouncing from one tapas bar to the next all night long. Visit on you holiday and you’ll head to the Cathedral, the Alcazar and probably see some flamenco. what is a cloud server . But stay a little longer and you will get sucked into the way of life. Going on tapas crawls every night for the same price as eating in, the outdoor lifestyle, the beautiful people. city guides . It’s easy to come here and then never leave…

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai often captures travellers imaginations and results in them staying much longer than they anticipated. Great for a short trip to see the monks, ride the elephants and soak up the Thai culture. Stay longer and you end up in an enchanting culture with friendly people, amazing food and all at a super cheap price.

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Tourists flock to Paris every year to see the amazing array of icons it has to offer. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame; the list goes on. view history But dig a little deeper and you have an amazing culture, stopping by in cafes and relaxing in the many beautiful parks. The only drawback is the high price, but if you have a good income then Paris will no doubt be somewhere you could get stuck.